Welcome to The Genoa Institute! We have moved back to our original website!!

The Genoa Institute has moved back to its original website with different plugins to improve its speed and convenience. 

Due to some serious irreconcilable differences with this particular hosting company,  The Genoa Institute has moved all of its services back to the original website here: https://genoaholdings.org/institute2/

Some different plugins were found that keeps the site from slowing down and an automatic email broadcast for renewals has been added that helps support The Genoa Institute stay active. 

We tried to improve services for our members, however this particular hosting company does not divulge its many limitations in its server capacity in the first instance. Once the weakness is exposed, it offers way more expensive packages to quote”Solve the Problem” of server capacity. Then it begins a campaign of tickets and warnings that after five, they shut down the website permanently. This is not the way business is done. It is in need of telling its customers that the basic package can only handle 25 members otherwise pay a much larger sum to handle the capacity. Or provide a much larger capacity and help websites grow and the hosting company can grow with them. That is how you create customer loyalty. Otherwise, when ever it is brought up now, the word of mouth crowd will say stay away from this particular hosting company. 

This particular hosting company is in great need of reviewing its policies and make some changes otherwise its reputation will only help other hosting companies like Godaddy grow larger and larger thereby reducing competition and creating a monopoly. 

Thank you to all members for your patience and loyalty towards a higher education for your own interests and those around you. A new class will start this week so we can get back on track. 

Notice: You can still take the classes you paid for on this site until it expires in April of next Year. 


The Genoa Holdings Team


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